Menander’s Dyskolos

In February alums joined Dr. Rosa Andujar '03 for the UCL Department of Greek and Latin's production of the classical play Menander’s Dyskolos. The production used a modern English translation by Maurice Balme.

Dyskolos is the story of Knemon, a grouchy old man who hates the world. His wife has left him, and he lives alone with his daughter on his farm. A city boy from Athens, Sostratos, falls in love at first sight with his daughter, and pretends to be a hardworking farmer to impress our grouch. Hilarity ensues in this award-winning play of 316 BC (when it won the first prize at the Lenaea festival in ancient Athens).

To complement the play, Rosa gave an enlightening pre-performance lecture on Menander to bring ancient drama to life for a modern generation.