Survey Results!

You may remember that last fall we asked you to participate in a survey so the Club could ensure the Club is meeting your needs, and that we were planning activities that you'd like to attend. This article provides a snapshot of the results. A total of 60 alums responded to the survey, with class years ranging from 1956 to 2014.


The top five events of interest to alums are:

– Visits from current Wellesley professors

– Dinner talks with visiting alums

– Museum visits

– Expat talks and

– Thanksgiving.

Among the younger alums, there was greater interest in volunteering, alumnae careers panels, Wellesley professor visits, drinks, and museums (the last four are tied in the results).

Careers Panels

The top three areas of interest for a careers panel are women in government; tech; and entrepreneurship. Since we've had a third-sector panel, we've started to put together a tech and entrepreneurship panel for early 2017.


When it comes to timing of our events, half of respondents prefer weeknight events; 1/3 are happy to meet on weekends.

Most of the time when alums don't make it to our events it's because they're busy/can't get away from work or home. However, 20% said the events themselves haven't been of interest.

Several alums told us they consider our events to be too expensive. We're going to do a better job of communicating when events are free, and when they're not, and how much they will cost.

There were also some concerns about a lack of information on accessibility. We will ensure that we include this information in all of our mailings.


Most of you are happy with our "choose your dues" system, although 10% would prefer to not pay at all, and 10% think everyone should pay the same amount to be members.


Most of you are happy with the type and volume of communication. Only 12% of respondents use the Facebook page regularly, but another 19% said they hadn't known it existed, and would check it out.

Many alums didn't know we have a Twitter feed.

There were a number of good suggestions for what alums would like to see on the website. We're working with Wellesley to improve the current site now.


More than 25% of alums would like to meet the juniors when they're here and would volunteer to help; another 17% would like to meet them. We commit that if there's space at the tea for juniors then we will encourage alums to attend those events to meet them.


Most of you were generally positive about mentoring juniors and other alums, and being mentored. The board is now looking into putting in place a mentoring scheme, in line with the work the Careers office is doing in this area.