A Letter from Wellesley Club UK President Nica Lewis ('88)

March 2017

Dear Wellesley sisters,

Wellesley’s motto Non Ministrari sed Ministrare has always been a profound driver for all of us. This year it seems even more relevant and essential to ‘make a difference’ in the world – whether it is in giving of our time and resources to our communities and causes we care about; supporting each other personally and professionally; or speaking out against injustice and participating actively in our democracy.

The Wellesley Club UK has two new opportunities to ‘make a difference’ this year:

First is the launch of a $10,000 giving campaign to fund Wellesley’s “English Translation Award.” The fund will seed the award for decades to come in a way that is meaningful to current students and further develops English literary and academic traditions. English is the second most popular major of alumnae here in the UK.  And translated literary fiction currently sells better in the UK than literary fiction written in English.  So we hope that this gift will fund many translations by alumnae in the future.  Please see page 2 for more details.

Second, the Wellesley Club UK is assisting the College’s Center for Career Education in piloting a mentoring program, due to roll out in early summer. This new global platform will connect alumnae and students in person and on-line. It will use technology to take current resources to the next level and offer “flash” mentoring, career advice and more. If you would like to be part of this exciting initiative, please email Julie Bennett (’01).

We are fortunate to have so many extraordinary alumnae here in the UK and I invite you to think about how you can ‘make a difference’ for your fellow alumnae here and around the world. The Board needs new volunteers to help guide these initiatives and manage our regular activities.  Serving on the Board is an excellent way to meet other alumnae and build your CV.  Please email me if you’d like to get involved.

Many thanks,

Nica Lewis ‘88