​Welcome drinks for study abroad students


From bottom left: juniors Alice Wang, Lianet Rosado, Rachael Hwang, Jamie Kodera, Nadia Kelson, Miranda Curtis; alums Viviane Keser, Jenn Keser ('03; Club Admissions rep), and Club President Audrey Mandela '80; our host Kate Grussing ('86); Maria Pelidis ('86); Junior Year Abroad rep Lauren Hurwitz ('08); Young Alums rep Emma Slade-Baxter ('85); juniors Sidikha Ashraf, Samantha Stewart, Veronica Locher, and Sarah White.

Kate Grussing '86 (on the right side of the fireplace) hosted the annual Wellesley JYA reception at her home on Friday, November 3rd. A mix of juniors and alums attended along with several UK Club Board members. This year's majors range from American Studies, Economics, English, History, and Poli Sci to Neuroscience, Psych, Religion and Media Arts and Sciences. Students are enrolled at Oxford, London School of Economics, University of Westminster, King's College London, UCL, SOAS, the University of Manchester and Queen Mary's College.

There are currently 59 juniors studying in the UK; 23 are here for the full academic year, while the rest are here for the Fall Semester only. Although many of the students are in London, 19 are at Oxford, nine are the University of Edinburgh, one is in Manchester and another in Bath. 

The UK is a popular destination for study abroad and we are fortunate to have one of the largest junior year abroad contingents of any country. In fact, one of the things that distinguishes the Wellesley Club UK from others is our long-standing outreach with JYA students. For over 25 years, Kate Grussing '86 has hosted a tea for juniors in the autumn. Your Club dues help fund the JYA travel/research stipend, two £400 grants that give juniors the opportunity to expand their research to another city, attend a conference or enrich their time abroad with cultural or volunteer activities.

While each year is different in terms of student engagement level, for many the welcome tea and the JYA stipend are the first experience of the Wellesley network and a preview of what awaits students on graduation.