Wellesley Club UK Thanksgiving Potluck

On Saturday, November 17th, the Club held its annual Thanksgiving potluck in the Embassy Gardens Eagle Lounge. The event provided an opportunity for alumnae, guests, and visiting juniors to connect, reconnect, and give thanks over a bounteous Thanksgiving spread. 






The kitchen, staffed by a team of steadfast volunteers, bubbled with activity and mouth-watering aromas from the first forkful of turkey to the last nibble of pumpkin pie.

Thanks to Karen Rock-Monnick ’80, who secured the venue, and Afshin Zilanawala ’04, who organized the afternoon, everything went off without a hitch, and all left feeling grateful and full.

-Text contributed by Chloe Nosan ’20, 

Double Major in English and Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences

Photos taken by Beulah D'Souza 90