The Club warmly welcomes Melinda Ponder '66, author of Katharine Lee Bates: From Sea to Shining Sea. The biography tells the story of the trail-blazing woman — and Wellesley alum — who wrote "America the Beautiful." It compellingly portrays the story of her public triumphs as an activist poet as well as her personal heartaches as a single woman who had to choose between marriage and a career.


Katharine Lee Bates’s “America the Beautiful” resonates for many people as the most patriotic and beloved American anthem. Her words speak of the beauty and love of our land, our people, and our country— a nation full of hope and possibility. That has never been more important than today.

If you would like to learn more about Melinda's work and about Katherine Lee Bates, please join us! for brunch on August 18th! We'll start at 11:00am and finish by 1pm. We'll announce the host soon.

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