Poetry Reading with Wellesley Lecturer Heather Bryant


An intimate group of alumnae gathered at The Green Man Pub in Fitzrovia on the rainy night of 6 February to hear Heather Bryant, a Wellesley Lecturer in the Writing Program, read from her extensive body of work. Ms. Bryant was in London to attend a friend’s book launch and generously offered to share a few of her poems with local alumnae. 

Ms. Bryant read selections from her second published anthology, Thunderstorm, and her newest anthology, James Joyce’s Water Closet, which was nominated for the prestigious Pushcart Prize.  Over fried halloumi cheese and other delicious snacks, she also shared her experiences as a poet, including her practice of writing a poem a day. 

The small size of the group allowed for an unstructured conversation in which all attendees could participate. In response to one of her poems, “This Vehicle Has Been Checked for Sleeping Children,” many attendees shared experiences that showed how deeply and differently poetry resonates with each of us. The poem, based on a sign Ms. Bryant saw in the window of a school bus, prompted responses based on current events, local history, and personal experience.  

Many of the attendees stayed for a delicious dinner with Ms. Bryant at The Green Man after the poetry reading. It was the perfect event to kick off a year that promises to have many fun events for the London Wellesley community.

Contributed by Rebecca Lucas, Wellesley Class of 2014