Eleven of us gathered at the Quod restaurant in Oxford for afternoon tea on Tuesday March 19th.

Local alums Anne Schnitzer '18, Mary Jeanne Tufano '79 and Christina Redfield '79 were very pleased to meet Professor Catia Confortini (Wellesley Peace and Justice Studies Program) and four current Wellesley undergraduates (Anna Beyette '21, Jhenna El Sawaf '21, Tara Kohli '21 and Laïssa Alexis ‘20) who were attending the Oxford Global Ethics Seminar on War and Peace.

Three Wellesley juniors (Nisha Mital, Emma Johnson and Kellie Allen, all '20) who are normally based at a program in Bath happened to be studying in Oxford for the week and joined us for the event. We feasted on scones with clotted cream and jam, finger sandwiches and a selection of cakes. 



In the photo from top to bottom:

Left                                                Right

Catia Confortini                             Anna Beyette ‘21

Mary Jeanne Tufano '79               Jhenna El Sawaf ‘21

Anne Schnitzer '18                       Nisha Mital '20                                                       

Christina Redfield '79                   Emma Johnson '20

Tara Kohli '21                                Kellie Allen '20

Laïssa Alexis ‘20