Shrove Tuesday Pancake-Making in Oxford 

March 5, 2019

On March 5th, 2019 Wellesley alums and juniors gathered in Oxford for a traditinoal celebration of Shrove Tuesday, complete with pancake-making! Christina Redfield ’79supplied a great vegetarian spread with wine, water and elderflower cordial (which judging from some of the exclamations, was a new thing to many of the juniors). The pancakes were of the thin crepe kind, which also stimulated discussion of thick/thin American/British pancake/drop scone/girdle cake/ crumpets.  All good for widening cultural experiences, I suppose. Personally, I had several travel-orientated discussions with the juniors, several of whom have some ambitious travel plans made for the upcoming spring break. Destinations included Greece (Santorini), Dublin, Morocco, the south of France, various cities in Italy, including Venice, Florence and Rome. And there was also a lot of interest in the older alums’ (that is, Christina and myself) experiences of what Wellesley was like in the olden days.  JNone of the juniors and recent alums could quite believe that Schneider was such a hotbed of social, cultural and (erm) culinary activity.

Contributed by Kate Tadman-Mourby, ‘89

The Club is grateful to Christina Redfield ’79 and Kate for organizing the annual event