Back by popular demand! Join us for the Wellesley Club UK's annual Expat Finance Matters in the UK seminar.


Whether you're newly arrived in the UK or a long-time overseas resident, this informal session will help you understand your tax reporting obligations as a US citizen living abroad. Our experts will review the basics (tax filing deadlines, FBARs, domicile, etc.) and provide information on relevant UK tax and pension legislation. 



Our speakers will be:

  • Rory Dorman, Partner, Maseco (which provides financial advice to Americans in the UK); and

  • Matthew Edwards, Senior Tax Manager, Satis Asset Management.

The event is free to Wellesley alums and students; we ask guests to pay £10 toward our costs. 


The evening will run as follows:

6:30 pm - 6:45 pm: Arrival and socializing
6:45 pm - 7:30 pm: Presentations followed by Q&A
7:30 pm: Informal discussion and networking


For more information or to register for this FREE event, please use this link: https://wellesley-tax-event.eventbrite.co.uk

We are grateful to Liz Desmond '83 for hosting this event. 


We look forward to seeing you on March 24th!


A U.S. citizen or resident alien is annually required to report worldwide income, subject to certain thresholds, by filing a tax return. Individual income tax returns for calendar year 2020 are due April 15th for filers living in the U.S. However, filers who live overseas have an automatic extension to June 15th to file their returns. Please note that this two-month grace period does not apply to the payment of any tax that is due. If you qualify for the automatic extension to file, but you anticipate owing tax, you must make your payment by April 15th. Payments not received by April 15th will be subject to interest during the two-month grace period for filing. Payments made after the June 15th filing deadline may also incur penalties.