Summer Party & Open Board Meeting

Monday, 8th July 2019


Left to right, top row: Laura Malkin 82; Afshin Zilanawala 04; Viviane Keser 05; Emma Slade-Baxter 15; Mary Kenefake 13; Rosa Andújar 03; Senta Knuth 12; Rita Pereira 85; Anna Moses 13; Hadley Diest 06; Katharine Goodenow 04; Beulah D'Souza 90


Middle row: Sarah Walsh 02; Emma Sydenham 04; Jennifer Schwalbenberg 04; Jenn Keser 03; Saya Yada 12; Karen Rock Monnick 80; Alison Noehrbass 14; Maria Pelidis 86; Pelumi Botti 16


Bottom row: Audrey Mandela 80; Lauren Hurwitz 08; Jenny Ma 95; Carrie Coombs 81



On a warm but slightly cloudy July summer evening a lively group of 30 alums gathered at the home of Audrey Mandela ’80. The event opened with the Wellesley Club UK’s annual open Board meeting, at which members of the Board updated those present of all of their recent endeavors, including various successful events and future plans for alumnae engagement. After the formal board meeting we were able to enjoy drinks, followed by a delicious buffet and barbecue in the garden. 



-Contributed by Rosa Andújar ’03